Rapidly expanding use at the Liberty Bell group has led to deteriorating trail conditions, severe erosion, and unsafe approaches to and from climbs.
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Working with land managers to take care of the places where we climb improves our climbing experience and helps them help us.
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We work with climbers, land managers, and partner organizations to take care of climbing destinations and preserve public access.
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With growing pressure on public and private land, Washington climbers need to work together or we will loose access to these places that ar so dear to us.
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We enjoy remarkable freedom to explore coastal boulders, mountain crags, and desert bluffs. We must take care of these places and respect others to keep this privilege.
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Read about some of our favorite climbing areas and get a glimpse of the impact climbers who volunteer to take care of these areas can make.
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The success of the Matrix trail construction project is a model of how partnerships can benefit outdoor recreation and reduce resource impacts.
Ranger Mike Liu, US Forest Service
I was afraid to talk to the rangers but the WCC encouraged me to do so and now the rangers are working with me!
Gabriel Cisneros, WCC
The Clear Creek Road remains open because of advocacy and volunteer maintenance done by climbers. The WCC’s recent concrete repair to a hardened stream crossing came out really well. Thanks WCC!
Martha Rasmussen, Friends for Public Use
WCC is GREAT. I love working with the WCC and helping protect the crags that matter to me. Everyone is friendly and helpful. I see a direct impact of my contributions.
Marymaier,, WCC
Climbers have worked hard to help take care of Frenchman Coulee. Their raising of funds for a permanent toilet and their trailwork has really helped WDFW maintain this busy recreation area.
DFW Local Unit Supervisor Chad Eidson, WA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife