Eightmile Creek Trail – June 2, 2019

Climbers have been doing volunteer trailwork on the Eightmile Creek trail since 1999. Over the past two years, we worked on a new switchback where the trail is heavily eroded in the woods leading up to Three O’Clock Rock, the most accessible crag in the traditional Darrington climbing area. Climbs there range from 5.2 to 5.11, generally featuring knobby slab climbing on routes from one to seven pitches in length. This trail is popular with not just climbers, but also hikers headed up to Squire Creek Pass for broad views from expansive granite slabs and a granite knoll just south of the pass. Other groups from the Darrington community, climber organizations, and the Washington Trails Association have joined us here. The area is remote and beautiful. National Trails Day in 2020 will fall on June 7; we hope to return for more!

Events like this have helped keep the trail in shape and have built relationships that have lead to the preservation of access here and elsewhere in Washington.