2018 Peregrine Falcon nesting closure at Index (the Diamond) through July 15

There is a pair of falcons raising their young on the Diamond this year. Please avoid the upper pitches on this formation through mid-July. Climbing above pitches 4 on any of the routes there (Centerfold to Hell Bent For Glory) will not be fun for you, or the birds, and will endanger the young.

These birds can fly over 250 miles per hour and they are tough. Seriously do not mess with these birds. Even outside the closure area, please leave if you experience swooping falcons defending a nest. They usually finish nesting by July 15.

Each year, Washington Climbers Coalition partners with WA State Parks and WA DFW to monitor the Index Town Walls for nesting raptors. When hiking or climbing outside this closure buffer, avoid disturbance, keep noise to a minimum, and use your best judgment to gauge and mitigate your impact.