A number of granitic bouldering areas have been developed in recent years off of Miller River Road, near the town of Skykomish.  These areas include the Morpheus Boulders, the Paradise Boulders, and the Prospect Boulders, as well as a number of smaller areas in a varied and diverse range of settings.  The bouldering in the Miller River drainage was developed in the early part of this decade, and became popular almost overnight as an easy-access alternative to Gold Bar for climbers coming from the west side of the state.  The bouldering areas along the Miller River are covered in Pablo Zuleta’s 2016 guidebook Western Washington Bouldering.

Ownership/Management:  The majority of the bouldering along Miller River Road is within the Skykomish Ranger District.

Current status:  All areas are open.

Access considerations:  Bouldering at the crags along the Miller River has not raised any access issues to date, but climbers should take care to stay on established trails, camp only in designated areas, and otherwise minimize their impact as the area transitions from one under development to a bona fide destination.


Drew Schick on Follow the White Rabbit V10

Photo by Kelly Sheridan