Over 75 people showed up for the work day at Gold Bar Boulders, April 16. We cleared some of the trails and used debris to block off others, to discourage their use and allow the area to recover and revegetate. These improvements help reduce erosion and soil compaction, which protect the resources that are there, including the trees that DNR sells for timber harvest in performance of their primary mission: DNR was founded under the State Constitution to raise money for public schools.

Goldbar project, 2016. Truc Allen photo.

Gold Bar Trail Stewardship Day, 2016.
Photo by Truc Allen.

The work at Gold Bar is not done. DNR plans more commercial thinning in the area and they are going to decommission the road. Large efforts will be needed to restore  and in some cases redevelop access trails once this has been completed. There may also be an opportunity to build an entirely new access trail from the parking lot serving the ORV area.

Read about this project in the Everett Herald, here…

Featured Image: Unholy V5.  Photo by Aaron Matheson.