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Access Alerts

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Voluntary Falcon Closure at Index

May 14, 2018 Nesting falcons with chicks have been located on the Diamond. Avoid climbing above pitch 4 on affected area. The WCC in conjunction with State Parks has instituted a voluntary closure in this area through July 15th. The WCC asks that you respect this closure. Thank You.
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Access Improved at Equinox

October 5, 2016. Seattle, WA The Access Fund and Washington Climbers Coalition (WCC) are pleased to announce that after years of uncertain access, climbers can (for now) enjoy improved access to Equinox, a premier steep sport climbing crag outside Mt. Vernon in Western Washington.
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Ongoing Issues

Climbers, land managers and other parties with an interest in matters affecting climbing access face ongoing and evolving concerns and we are all learning as we go. A few matters of interest are presented here…

Recreation Politics

Ten Recurring Access Issues

Dogs at the Crag

2015 Index Love Letter