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Recreation Politics

Public policy and public perception of climbing is evolving. Climbing as a sport began in the 19th century. Edward Whymper and his Victorian era friends started "climbing" as an elite leisure activity 150 years ago. Working class climbers took to this activity in England in the 20th century and they started (literally) using railroad hardware [...]

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Ten Recurring Access Issues

Access issues come an go. Climbing areas may be closed through the reaction of land managers or property owners to concerns having to do with rock climbing activity or they may be closed through neglect of an access road, or for many other reasons. The are some common issues: Increasing recreational pressures are being placed [...]

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Dogs at the Crag

  Respect the rights of others to climb without being disturbed. Tether dogs in high-use sites like bouldering areas or staging areas. This keeps dogs out of the way of spotters, belayers, and other visitors, and prevents other people's property from being disturbed. Respect the rights of your dog. Make sure your dog has plenty [...]

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2015 Index Love Letter

Index Love Letter We all love this place — it is one of the most amazing places to climb in the country and for many climbers, it’s the best. It’s why many move here, camp along the river, or fight traffic on a weekly basis. We share this area with our fellow climbers, other visitors, [...]

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