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Sunshine Wall at Vantage. Dave Perkins collection.

Sunshine Wall at Vantage. Dave Perkins collection.

Inside vs. Outside
Rock and Ice Magazine has a training article that presents some thoughts about how moving from the gym to real rock requires a different approach to the basic movement of climbing.

Pass Conditions and Weather Cams
The Washington State Department of Transportation has a good site with up-to-date roadway conditions on mountain passes, and links to traffic cameras where you can get a current glimpse of weather conditions. This can be an invaluable tool in deciding where you want to go.

More Web Cams
Find links to web cams from cities and tows, ski areas, highways, resorts and other locations in Washington.

Bolting Information
The American Safe Climbing Association replaces old bolts at climbing areas throughout the nation and they have published information about safe bolting practices.

Developers’ Considerations
The Access Fund has published a pamphlet on considerations in developing a new bouldering area. There are some good ideas here.

Northwest Mountaineering Journal
Lowell Skoog has saved past copies of the Northwest Mountaineer Journal for your viewing pleasure. Read about Washington’s climbing history, glacial retreat, climbing ethics, and other things climbing.

Accident Reports
Rock and Ice Magazine reprints accident reports from the American Alpine Club, with an analysis of what went wrong. Read these reports and you may learn how not to hurt yourself.

Ranger Station Information
The Washington Trails Association maintains a list of contact information for ranger stations.

Discover Passes
A “Discover Pass”  is required at climbing destinations operated by Washington State Parks, Department of Natural Resources, and Department of Fish and Wildlife but there are many “free days” throughout the year.

Northwest Forest Pass
A “Northwest Forest Pass” is required at many Forest Services trailheads. These can be obtained at ranger stations and from some private vendors. Tje USFS site linked here offers a single day “e-pass.”

Recreational Immunity Law
Many states have recreational immunity statutes. WCC board member Andy Fitz helped draft Washington’s recreational immunity law to include rock climbing so that land owners who allow climbers to visit their property need not fear being sued if somebody gets hurt.