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Frenchman Coulee is also called “Vantage” by many climbers. There are now over 600 routes at the area, ranging from 5.2 to 5.13, as well as a small amount of bouldering in the bed of the coulee. While many of the routes at Vantage are mediocre crack climbs (due to poor rock), there are a […]

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Index is Washington’s most famous cragging destination, and features some of the highest-quality granite trad climbing in the United States.  Index has also seen extensive bouldering development in recent years, and there is a growing collection of world-class boulder problems lurking in the woods below the Upper Town Wall, across the North Fork of the Skykomish River, and along the Skykomish River to the west of town.  The Washington Climbers Coalition presently owns the Lower Town Wall and nearby crags. The recent fundraising campaign undertaken by groups working to save public access at the Lower Town Wall, public media discussion, and the outstanding climbing opportunities found here are bringing more climbers than ever to Index.


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Gold Bar

Access Update:  The area adjacent to the Gold Bar boulders is being actively logged, and is closed to foot traffic Monday-Friday.  The area is open to foot traffic on Saturdays and Sundays. Once logging operations are complete, DNR plans to decommission the former road. The WCC is working to upgrade the access trail with support […]

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The area traditionally known as “Darrington” is a collection of granite domes in the Clear Creek Valley south of the North Cascades town known by the same name. Today, climbers enjoy boulders and cliffs spread throughout the surrounding area. Gorgeous peaks rise from the roadside and a vast wilderness awaits those looking for extended outings.

The […]

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Although climbers speeding along Highway 20 have cast wondering glances at the cliffs of the Skagit River Gorge for years, the largely crackless nature of the cliffs, a lack of easy parking and access, and a general lack of information all conspired to keep the area largely undeveloped.

In the late 1990s, however, climbers began exploring […]

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