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Leon Islas on Gold Bar boulder.
Photo by Justin Taraska.

Gold Bar Boulders

Combination of DNR and BLM land (Manke Timber sold their parcel here to the State of Washington in 2014).

Land Manager:
Washington State Department of Natural Resources
Northwest Region
919 N. Township Street
Sedro Woolley, Washington 98284-9384

Zeke's Wall: Bureau of Land Management
1103 N. Fancher Road
Spokane, Washington 99212

Current Status:
Open to climbers. Closed to vehicles.

Access Update:
As of November 2014, the Gold Bar boulders are now under ownership of the State of Washington, Department of Natural Resources (DNR). DNR has long been concerned about vehicle access there, including the high levels of traffic, unauthorized use of the gate by non-WCC-members during a period when WCC members were granted access by the former private landowner, and potential liability issues. Updates will be posted here, on the WCC facebook page and on guidebook author Kelly Sheridan's blog. There have been some recent confrontations where DNR personnel indicated that bouldering was not permitted at the site but we understand that it is. WCC is taking this issue to DNR land managers; in the interim, please do your part to help preserve access to Gold Bar by being polite if confronted by DNR personnel and not parking so as to block the gate.

Climbers may still access the area on foot but please:

1. Do not park so as to block the road.
2. Be courteous and respectful of other users.
3. Do not drive off the main roadway or bypass the gate. Off-road acivity was what led to the closure of the road in the first place.
4. Do not cut down trees. This is timber land.
5. Display a Discover Pass.
7. Climb at yourown risk.

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